Is Asthma Life Threatening?

Is Asthma Life Threatening? A True Story As Told By A Mum

The following story is not only frightening, but also 100% true.  This story will provide readers an insider’s view of what a typical Asthma attack is all about, as well as the many emotions it produces.

In 1984 at the age of two, Chad[1] had his first set of plugs inserted to treat chronic ear infections.  Over the years, the infections lessened but never went away.  At age five, his parents were again concerned with the increasing number and severity of infections, which prompted a trip to see an ear, nose, and throat specialist.

After a 10-minute examination, the specialist turned to the parents and said, “Did you know Chad has Asthma?”  At that, a light went on.  Both parents had recalled him coughing and wheezing but had not associated the two with Asthma.  For the next two years, Chad had flare-ups but with a breathing machine and inhaler, he did relatively well…until…

Around Christmas in 1991, Chad and his mother attended a Boy Scout’s meeting at one of the other mother’s home.  This was the first time visiting this particular home and the expectation was that the boys would play while the moms baked Christmas cookies for everyone to take home.

For about an hour, Chad and the other boys had been playing in the living room while the moms spent time in the kitchen when one of the little boys came up to Chad’s mom and asked, “Why won’t Chad play with me?”  At first, Chad’s mom thought nothing of it but the boy continued, “He won’t wake up to play with me.”

Chad’s mom knew something was wrong.  After all, Chad was an active little boy that did not simply fall asleep while visiting friends.  She walked into the living room to find Chad lying on the couch, gasping for air, and his lips and fingers blue.  Immediately, her heart sank – she knew he was having a serious Asthma attack.

With the hospital being less than a mile away, she grabbed Chad and raced out the door but with each passing second, she watched as his breathing became increasingly labored to the point she feared he would not make it to the hospital.  Parking the car, she grabbed her son and ran toward the emergency room.

The panicked look on her face immediately got the attention of a nurse walking by who opened the doors, took Chad from her arms, and rushed off with him while yelling for doctors and barking out orders.  All Chad’s mom could do was focus on the limp body of her precious little boy who was by now, barely breathing.

Four doctors and two nurses rushed over, started an IV, and began working on her son.  For the next 45 minutes, all Chad’s mom could do was pray, not knowing if her son would live or die.  After what seemed an eternity, Chad was finally stabilized and taken to ICU.  For the next seven days, he was very sick.  He lost 17 pounds during his hospital stay, had developed dark circles under his eyes, and he looked so helpless……….For Full Story, Click Here

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