Treatment Of Hypertension Through Drugs & Diet – Good & Bad Foods

The Good and Bad Foods

Stay away from foods that are high in fat and cholesterol, like fried chicken, organ meats, hamburgers, fatty steaks, junk food, soda, other fried foods, processed goods and meats and those high in preservatives. These food sources tend to let fat stick to the walls of your blood vessels, thereby narrowing the available space for blood to conveniently pass through. A lot of fast foods are unhealthy, so make sure you read the labels or count the calories first before you consume anything. When buying at the grocery store, read the label and stick to foods that have healthy or normal levels.

The Right Pick

Good foods are those that help you lower and maintain healthy blood pressure level. Most of these are natural and inexpensive, like fruits, vegetables, lean cuts of meat, chicken and fish, tofu, skim milk and water. Drink a lot of water throughout the day to cleanse your system. You should also eat more of the fruits that have antioxidant properties like berries. Nuts also help lower cholesterol levels. The most ideal ones include almonds and cashew. Choose whole wheat bread over white and brown rice over white rice.

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