Master Cleanse Secrets

Is weight loss the first thing on your mind these days? Are you not at all satisfied with the way you look? Do you really want to fit in all body hugging dresses? Losing weight is not at all about improving self esteem but it’s a way to get a fitter body. It’s true that can help you attain such weight loss by detoxifying your internal wastes. Master cleanse has been used for 20 years as a weight loss technique. Other important benefits are an improvement in hormonal levels and a loss of normalization of the body’s appetite.

The best part about master cleanse is that’s its natural and you can’t get any of such body vigor from colon cleanse supplements. It’s important that you get rid of the wastes that have been accumulated in the intestine in the form of gall bladder stones due to increased cholesterol consumption. But, Master Cleanse makes sure that such wastes are discarded by your body. These wastes just suck up all your energy clinging to your intestines. You can ensure that through master cleanse your body energizes its purification systems and flushes away such wastes.

It also enhances the energy levels of your body and makes your lose upto a staggering 20 pounds. It also ensures that you look more vibrant with renewed energy levels.

You can yourself prepare a master cleanse lemonade. It’s so easy to prepare it with ingredients like lemon juice, maple syrup, filtered water and cayenne pepper. After your body is cleansed, you should not start your old diet which led to the appearance of toxins.

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Is Asthma Life Threatening?

Is Asthma Life Threatening? A True Story As Told By A Mum

The following story is not only frightening, but also 100% true.  This story will provide readers an insider’s view of what a typical Asthma attack is all about, as well as the many emotions it produces.

In 1984 at the age of two, Chad[1] had his first set of plugs inserted to treat chronic ear infections.  Over the years, the infections lessened but never went away.  At age five, his parents were again concerned with the increasing number and severity of infections, which prompted a trip to see an ear, nose, and throat specialist.

After a 10-minute examination, the specialist turned to the parents and said, “Did you know Chad has Asthma?”  At that, a light went on.  Both parents had recalled him coughing and wheezing but had not associated the two with Asthma.  For the next two years, Chad had flare-ups but with a breathing machine and inhaler, he did relatively well…until…

Around Christmas in 1991, Chad and his mother attended a Boy Scout’s meeting at one of the other mother’s home.  This was the first time visiting this particular home and the expectation was that the boys would play while the moms baked Christmas cookies for everyone to take home.

For about an hour, Chad and the other boys had been playing in the living room while the moms spent time in the kitchen when one of the little boys came up to Chad’s mom and asked, “Why won’t Chad play with me?”  At first, Chad’s mom thought nothing of it but the boy continued, “He won’t wake up to play with me.”

Chad’s mom knew something was wrong.  After all, Chad was an active little boy that did not simply fall asleep while visiting friends.  She walked into the living room to find Chad lying on the couch, gasping for air, and his lips and fingers blue.  Immediately, her heart sank – she knew he was having a serious Asthma attack.

With the hospital being less than a mile away, she grabbed Chad and raced out the door but with each passing second, she watched as his breathing became increasingly labored to the point she feared he would not make it to the hospital.  Parking the car, she grabbed her son and ran toward the emergency room.

The panicked look on her face immediately got the attention of a nurse walking by who opened the doors, took Chad from her arms, and rushed off with him while yelling for doctors and barking out orders.  All Chad’s mom could do was focus on the limp body of her precious little boy who was by now, barely breathing.

Four doctors and two nurses rushed over, started an IV, and began working on her son.  For the next 45 minutes, all Chad’s mom could do was pray, not knowing if her son would live or die.  After what seemed an eternity, Chad was finally stabilized and taken to ICU.  For the next seven days, he was very sick.  He lost 17 pounds during his hospital stay, had developed dark circles under his eyes, and he looked so helpless……….For Full Story, Click Here

Health Concern-Excessive Use Of Antibiotics

We rely so much on Medical Practitioners to secure our health. However when they are overworked, could they take the easy option of prescribing antibiotics unnecessarily?

Excessive use of antibiotics could cause serious damage to our health and wellbeing.

Using antibiotics often could lead to the bacteria developing resistance to the antibiotics through a process often referred to as natural selection. This results in the deterioration and not improvement of health of the patient. The most resistant bacteria survives and continued use results in the most resistant bacteria, thereby raising the level of resistance as they survive through this process of natural selection until such times the antibiotics have less and less effect .

It is estimated by CDC that medical treatment costs due to bacterial resistance is more than $4 Billion pa.

Health Specialists should take greater caution in specifying antibiotics,bearing in mind the dependence of the patients on the health specialist for their wellbeing.

Natural Weight Loss

There is actually no better and safer way to lose weight than to do it naturally. Although there are a lot of other alternatives out there offering you a quick way to lose the excess weight, most of them are not that safe to begin with, and some are not even tested on whether they are effective or not. The only safe and effective way you can lose those extra pounds is by losing the weight the healthy and natural way. Here are some tips on how you can actually achieve just that.

1. Avoid Fatty Foods

One of the major factors that cause people to gain weight is the amount of fatty foods that they are eating on a regular basis. Since weight gain or weight loss is anchored directly on your diet, avoiding fatty foods is probably one of the best means to help your weight loss program. The less fatty foods you eat, the less calories and fat you will need to burn in order to lose the excess weight. If you keep replenishing your body fat, then it will take you longer to completely lose the weight.

2. Eat Healthier Alternatives

Although avoiding fatty foods can make a lot of difference in your weight loss program, finding healthier alternatives for your usual chemically-processed and enhanced foods could also greatly improve your chances of losing those unwanted extra pounds. Instead of eating processed white cream bread, try eating organic whole wheat bread instead. The amount of fibre in the organic whole wheat bread, coupled with the small amount of fattening chemicals and ingredients in it, makes it a much better choice for people who are trying to watch their weight from moving up the scale.

Also, healthier alternatives can also provide you with some calorie or fat burning benefits, so make sure to try and incorporate those into your diet as well.

3. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

A substantial amount of physical activity in the form of exercise is one great way to help your body build muscle and help burn fat and calories. Keep in mind that the more muscle mass you have, the better off you’ll be at burning that unwanted fat and calories. By constantly keeping your body active, you are able to improve your cardio, as well as improve your muscle development. Once your conditioning becomes better, you will notice that it is now easier for you to burn your fat away, as compared to people who are living a lethargic lifestyle.

4. Avoid Starvation Diets

Depriving your body of food will not make you lose weight, but will in fact only result with you gaining even more pounds than when you started. Aside from that, you could also develop other medical disorders that could be a direct result of starving yourself.

Starving yourself will only result in your body’s malnutrition. Once this happens, your body is no longer able to get the necessary nutrients it needs to be able to function properly and sustain your day-to-day activities. You might just end up gaining more fat on your body, and end up losing some of your muscle tissues.

5. Monitor Your Diet

You should learn to monitor your diet, which means that you should take note of all the things that you are eating daily. Make sure that your daily calorie intake is lower than what you can actually burn up for the day. If not, then you won’t be able to burn your excess weight. Burning up more calories than what you can actually take in is the only way that you can lose some of those extra pounds, which is why closely monitoring your diet is one of the best ways to stay on top of your weight loss program.

There are a lot of other things that you can do to help improve your chances of losing weight, but bear in mind that the most natural are some of the best ways to achieve it. Not only that, but by using natural methods to lose weight, it is a whole lot easier to sustain for a longer period of time as well, which is a big plus, especially since most people have the tendency to gain back the pounds that they were able to lose only because they weren’t able to sustain their program.

Natural Asthma Treatment-Prevention and Self-Help for Asthmatics

The best way to avoid the symptoms of asthma is to know the triggers and causes. You can then develop and devise ways on how you can prevent the problem completely. Patients should be vigilant and disciplined in their routines so they do not have to deal with the severe effects of the condition. You will find that you can get rid of the problem for several years or permanently by following a number of natural and healthy steps while taking your medications.

1. Preventing Asthma

You should talk to your doctor first to create a methodological plan on how to deal with the symptoms and effects of asthma. First of all, make a written asthma plan. Make a detailed plan on which maintenance medications to take and how to manage acute attacks. Make sure you follow the detailed plan properly. Until you are able to take control of your condition, do remember that Asthma is a condition that requires constant monitoring and control. Take control of the treatment and gain more control over your life.

Make sure you know the different triggers of asthma, particularly the one that you have. People can develop different symptoms and can present these in different ways too. Some of the most common irritants and allergens include pollen, pollution, mould and cold air. Determine what worsens or causes the asthma and take the necessary steps to avoid the triggers.

2. Some Things to Do

Watch your breathing carefully. You will learn to see and observe the impending attack by watching out for signs of wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath. Since your lung function can decrease before you see any further signs and symptoms, you can regularly measure the peak airflow using a home peak flow meter. If you act immediately, you will avoid having to suffer the very severe effects of asthma attacks.

You have to identify the early signs and take the necessary precautions to avoid complications. Once your peak flow measurements reduce and alert you of a coming attack, take the remedy as directed by your doctor and quickly cease any activity that may have caused the attack. If the symptoms do not get better, seek medical attention as planned.

3. Stick to the Plan

You have to stick to the treatment or prevention regime, even if your asthma seems to subside or you do not experience any ill effects for several days, weeks or months. You should not change anything until after you have talked to your doctor. Bring all your medications with you when visiting your doctor. The physician will need to double check everything to ensure that you are taking the right drugs and at the right dosages.

4. Lifestyle Changes

To prevent asthma for life, you have to stay away from people who smoke frequently. Second hand smoke can have various ill effects. You should also stop smoking and stay away from places that have hazardous materials and chemicals, like fertilizer plants, chemical plants, etc. Start exercising regularly by doing cardiovascular activity 2 to 4 times each week for 30 to 60 minutes per session. Reduce alcohol consumption and eat more of the healthy foods. You should also take a multivitamin each day to boost your immune system. There are natural ways to combat asthma with reduced medication but you need to follow a plan to achieve the full benefits.

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