Health Concern-Excessive Use Of Antibiotics

We rely so much on Medical Practitioners to secure our health. However when they are overworked, could they take the easy option of prescribing antibiotics unnecessarily?

Excessive use of antibiotics could cause serious damage to our health and wellbeing.

Using antibiotics often could lead to the bacteria developing resistance to the antibiotics through a process often referred to as natural selection. This results in the deterioration and not improvement of health of the patient. The most resistant bacteria survives and continued use results in the most resistant bacteria, thereby raising the level of resistance as they survive through this process of natural selection until such times the antibiotics have less and less effect .

It is estimated by CDC that medical treatment costs due to bacterial resistance is more than $4 Billion pa.

Health Specialists should take greater caution in specifying antibiotics,bearing in mind the dependence of the patients on the health specialist for their wellbeing.

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