What is this Website all about?

Do you often find yourself rather confused when searching for information and issues relating to Health, Fitness and Wellbeing? To find answers, do you find yourself contacting your friends, known experts or browsing through books and magazines at libraries? Perhaps you are one of a growing majority of people browsing the internet to find answers to your questions.

Whichever method you choose, you will find it time consuming and often not very satisfactory. Most people have told me that browsing through the internet often results in information overload.

For those who do not know me, I am an Internet marketer and Social Media Evangelist who spends a considerable amount of time surfing the internet to carry out various researches into specific problems, including ( and may I say, prominently) health issues.

Ferrari Circuit 2003If you search my name (Selva Sugunendran) in Google you will probably find in excess of 30,000 entries. A number of them refer to Health and Fitness articles I have published in various magazines and Directories, as a platinum author for an International Article Directory. I have also published Ebooks on specific health issues.

It is therefore not surprising that a number of you have asked me to set up a free-to-use website( ie a central source of health and fitness information) that people can easily navigate, to find answers to their problems speedily.

The result is this website. This is not a membership site and you do not have to pay to access the many thousands of Videos as well as articles. The foundation has been laid and the timely and up to date information provided will grow rapidly in the weeks and months to come. However I am determined to keep it simple and easy for you to navigate to find answers to your thought provoking questions.

The website has a dual purpose:

(i) To provide reviews of selected products that could be of interest to you as well as published Review-Articles and Review Videos.

(ii) To provide relevant videos (mostly not more than 3 minutes in length each) on various aspects of Health and Fitness Issues. These videos are NOT videos that have been reviewed by me. They have been selected for relevancy to your search and updated seamlessly throughout the day to provide the latest information available on the internet.

Guidance on how to navigate through the website to get your answers quickly and easily are given below under the title, “Navigation”.


Navigation through the site is easy using the Tabs at the top: Home, About, Published Articles, Article Reviews, Video Reviews etc.

Navigation through the Video Vault is best explained through an example.

Let us assume you are interested in finding out information on the Internet on Child Obesity and perhaps in particular the connection between Child obesity and Fast Food.

On the Home page you will see a number of Health topics listed under the heading, “Video Vault”. If you click on the health topic called “Child Obesity” you will be taken to the Video Collection on Child Obesity. The page will display a maximum of up to 25 short videos (depending on the quality, relevancy and availability of this search item).

On the right hand side of the page is a side bar that gives filters to narrow your search –in this case, “Fast Food and Child Obesity”.

Clicking this Filter, will cause the web page to update and provide you with a maximum of 25 videos on that page. At the bottom of the page there are little boxes marked 1 to 40 (maximum). Each of those pages will also provide further 25 videos.

So, in effect there could be a maximum of 1000 videos per filtered item.

In other words, the 33 health topics listed under the “Video Vault” could index up to 1000X10x33=330,000 videos.

However, some searched items will have much fewer available videos.

Our advise is for you to glance through the first 2 or 3 pages of the filtered site, which should give you a good choice of information.

Please be aware that some originators of the video do not allow embedding into other websites. If you get a message to that effect when you click a particular video, then you could either skip it or watch it by going to their original website, which in most cases is  www.YouTube.com

Also, please note that once you are on a Video  page, in order to get back to the main website, you need to click the “Back Button” on your Web Browser eg. Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, Safari etc- whichever browser you are using.

I hope you will find this website of enormous use and that you will return again and again to get the most up to date information.

God Bless and Best Wishes